Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting a Conversation Started in the Storm

Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.” (Matthew 14:33)

The story of Peter walking on water as recorded Matthew 14:22-33 was the focus of this weekend’s message.  As I spent some time reflecting upon this passage, a number of personal storylines popped up for my application. 

It’s a story of faith. 
In the midst of the storms of life, I can trust Him and take the step of faith. 

It’s a story of revelation.
In the mist of the storms of life, I need to look around and anticipate seeing Jesus…seeing Him in a new way.

It’s a story of worship.
In the mist of the storms of life, Jesus provides us the opportunity to engage Him, to worship Him.

I do think for these stories to be written into my personal plots of fear, something must be done before taking the risk and stepping out onto the choppy and stormy water.    Before Peter stepped into the water, He and Jesus engaged in a dialogue--a back and forth conversation.

As I am in my boat of fear, surround by the storm of anxiety and uncertainty, I want to engage Jesus in conversation.

Jesus, are You here? 
Where are You?
What do I need to declare about You?
What promises do I need to remember?
What do you want me to learn about my world or myself?
How are you going to reveal Yourself in this storm? 
How will Your glory be revealed?
What’s the step of faith you are calling me to take?
How can I worship You in this situation?

I believe in His answers I will…
·      Discover Him in the midst of the storm
·      Come to understand my step of faith

·      Experience my moment of fear being transformed into an opportunity for worship

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